Now You Know What Your Dog Does 24/7


Tending a pet is more than just a hobby. Pet acts like a close friend. It has always been there for you, welcoming you back home and accompanying you wherever you would go. However, there are some conditions where you can’t bring your dearest pet along with you. Sometimes sadly you need to leave it alone in home, while you go to work or school. Giving it a collar which is connected with its small house is wise, but it’s dilemmatic as well. You want your pet to play freely, but collar would hinder it to do so. Letting it go anywhere without surveillance would be dangerous too. Is there something you can do to keep it free under your control? Fortunately, yes, it is. With pet GPS, you can see your pet plays comfortably from wherever you are.

GPS Designed Especially for Pet

GPS developer understood that your beloved pet may lose its way somehow. Crime involving pet is also emerging. That’s why you need to keep it save under your radar. Pet GPS is there for you. It is designed with wireless connection between you and your pet. You are going to attach it into your pet’s body, like a choker. The GPS would be informed you wirelessly where your pet goes, which you can clearly see from the map. Sophisticated pet GPS endorsed by special brand like Tagg allows you to know your pet’s activity in details. You would even know whether your pet get enough exercise according to veterinarian’s suggestion or not.

24/7 Control

You can always monitor your pet even when you’re sleeping. With customized alarm towards some policies you make, you would be alerted by any harm. Pet GPS is designed to be very durable against any bumps, even made to be water resistant. It’s designed lightweight, so your pet won’t get distracted.